In 4 award-winning varieties.

On small family farms, agaveros protect the traditions that make tequila so celebrated around the world. Folklore says some even fight in Lucha Libre, Mexico’s flamboyant professional wrestling. Protected by masks, agaveros fight back whenever tequila is threatened.  Now Lucha tequila dons its masks to support their struggle and to honor all the unsung champions who rise from the fields of Mexico to defend her magical spirit.


El Coa Azul

Our Blanco takes tequila back to its humble,  artisanal roots.  It is an unusually smooth sipping experience that balances sweet accessibility with full-bodied agave flavors. It honors El Coa, "The  Blue  Blade," the young jimador from Michoacan that fought to harvest agave by hand.

Our Reposado is aged for six months in a proprietary blend of seasoned American and French Oak barrels. Its sweet, slow-cooked, agave body is paired with a dry refined finish. It honors El Tatamar, "The Fighting Flame," the flamboyant defender of mystical agaveros who craft the finest tequilas without science or industry.

El Tatamar


El Gran Tahona

Our Añejo is aged for two years to produce a complex exploration of refined agave flavors, mellow oak, and citrus fruits. The aroma is gentle and the color a deep amber. This is a tequila to ponder and enjoy. It honors El Gran Tehona, "The Crusher," the gentle strongman who, by day, used just stone and time to coax the sweetest nectar from the agave. By night, he used his rock hard fists to destroy any technology that sucked the soul out of tequila.

Our Extra Añejo is aged for five years and everything about it is over the top. The sweet fruit flavors are a riot, the color a brilliant gold and the finish is incredibly long and smooth. When you are in the mood for hedonistic luxury, this is your drink. It honors Don Diez, aka "Fighter X." According to legend, he was the first agavero that wore a mask and he fought to protect the tequila homelands from development.

Don Diez

Extra Añejo


100% AGAVE

Lucha Tequila is made with 100% Blue Weber Agave, grown in its native, ancestral range, the rich volcanic fields of Volcan de Tequila.



Considered to be one of Mexico's oldest art forms, hand harvesting with a coa blade preserves the soil's nutrients and maximizes Lucha's complex sugars.



Lucha's Master Tequilero personally guides every stage of production so that hundreds of variables all come together to make a single unforgettable tequila.



To ensure the highest quality, Lucha is a limited-run boutique tequila, raised, harvested, and distilled on our small Jalisco estate.



Lucha's rested spirits are aged in our proprietary blend of French oak and American oak barrels from six months to five years. There are no shortcuts.



Every bottle of Lucha Tequila is handblown by our master glass smith using traditional, hand-carved Roman-mold techniques. Each bottle is then hand-painted with a multiple appliqué process using high-temperature enamels. The result is one bad ass bottle and a piece of Mexican art to be treasured.